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Aluminium flagpoles

Aluminium flagpoles are a popular permanent flagpole option. They are produced in Poland and meet the requirements of PN-EN 40 and PN-EN 1991-1-4: 2008. Our cylindrical aluminium flagpoles are offered in four types with a range of different sizes. You can choose between two or three pieces flagpole depending on your height requirements. Aluminium flagpoles are ideal for promoting your brand and are often the chosen flagpole for house builders and car dealerships. They are often called show home flagpoles. You can use your aluminium flagpole alongside our range of different accessories, including our flagpole banner arms, helping to make sure your flag is visible at all time Our aluminium flagpoles are produced to the highest quality. Aluminium tubes are made of a special alloy AlMgSi with increased elasticity and strength. The durability and aesthetics of the tube surface is obtained thanks to the anodising process. This makes the surface appear polished, while also improving durability and resistance to UV radiation. We have a wide range of finishes and accessories that are available for our aluminium flagpoles, allowing you to create the right image for you.
Easy to assemble telescopic aluminum flagpole with a  360 degrees rotating arm. The flagpoles consist of 4 sections with diameter 58/50/42/34mm. and wall thickness 2/2/1.5/1.5mm. The flagpole height can be between 3 and 6 meters.In this model, the flagpole comes with no halyard. The banner flag..
499.00лв. Ex Tax:415.83лв.
In this model, the halyard runs outside the flagpole and is attached to a cleat mounted at approx. 1.5m above ground level. The price includes: flagpole, flat rotary head finial, halyard(rope), cleat, mounting anchor hinge base. Depending on their height, the aluminium flagpoles are made of two or t..
537.60лв. Ex Tax:448.00лв.
In this model, the halyard runs inside the flagpole. The cleat is protected with a lock, which prevents the flag from being stolen and deadens the noise of the halyard beating against the flagpole The price includes: flagpole, flat rotary head, halyard/rope, swivel, lock, flag weight, clamps, mounti..
609.60лв. Ex Tax:508.00лв.
In this model, the halyard runs inside the flagpole. In addition, the flagpole is equipped with a horizontal rotary arm. It prevents the flag from being wrapped around the flagpole and provides an optimal way to highlight the flag slogan. The price includes: flagpole, decorative rotary head finia/to..
756.00лв. Ex Tax:630.00лв.
In this model, the banner flagpole comes with no halyard/rope. The flagpole is provided with a fixed horizontal rotary arm, which keeps the flag always legible. The flagpole needs to be laid on the ground before the flag can be fitted or removed. The price includes: flagpole, flat rotary head finial..
799.20лв. Ex Tax:666.00лв.
Budget aluminium flagpole with ground sleeve Budget aluminium flagpole with ground sleeve
-34 %
Aluminium flagpole, Hoisting Device Including Carabiners and Nylon Pull Rope, End Element and Ground Sleeve, Flag of Bulgaria 90/150 cm.4 different height settings thanks to the plug-in system with 6 segments.Flag pole: total length: approx. 6 meters including ground sleeve, diameter: 5 cm, material..
349.00лв. 229.00лв. Ex Tax:190.83лв.
Facade sectional flagpole and flag holder Facade sectional flagpole and flag holder
-22 %
- This package contains 1 x flag pole with 2 x rotating flag pole rings made of plastic, 1 x flag pole holder and 1 set of screw set, which is easy to install on the wall;- The flagpole kit consists of several components. The length of the flagpole can be adjusted between 38 cm. and 180 cm. to ..
127.99лв. 99.90лв. Ex Tax:83.25лв.
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