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Fiberglass flagpoles

The Fiberglass Flagpole is the only pole manufactured using a hot mold process. Afterwards, the Fiberglass Flagpole gets a resin and gel-coat finish to ensure maximum strength and durability. This process cures the Fiberglass Flagpole and ensures a 97% success rate. The Fiberglass Flagpole material is wind and water resistant, giving the pole a longer life. With these Fiberglass Flagpoles being extremely durable and sturdy, they are the ideal pole for high wind/coastal regions.
Fiberglass Flagpole owners can say goodbye to corrosion, pitting holes, stains, high physical maintenance, and even lightning strikes! Our Fiberglass Flagpoles have what is called 'wind memory'. This allows the Fiberglass Flagpole to bend under wind pressures of 50 mph and higher, and regain the original shape once the wind stops. The fiberglass material also makes it resistant to the sun and moisture. Not to mention that our Fiberglass Flagpole is extremely durable while making less noise than a typical flag pole.  Lightning and thunderstorms are not an issue, as fiberglass does not conduct electricity
Advantages of our Fiberglass Flagpoles over Aluminum:
· Resistant to sun, moisture and corrosion
· Maintenance free - no need to repaint white gloss finish, unlike other fiberglass flagpoles that are not made using our special molding process
· Lightweight – approximately one-third the weight of aluminum flagpoles
· Exceptional strength - very high wind resistance level per unit of weight
· Quiet - The flag and clips do not make as much noise as aluminum flagpoles when the wind is blowing
· Safe - does not conduct electricity and will not attract lightning

In this model, the halyard runs outside the flagpole and is attached to a cleat mounted at approx. 1.5m above ground level. The price includes: flagpole, decorative finial/top, rotary head, halyard/rope, cleat, mounting anchor. The glass fibre flagpoles are made from a single component(tube), which ..
648.00лв. Ex Tax:540.00лв.
In this model, the halyard runs inside the flagpole and the cleat is lockable with a key. This prevents the flag from being stolen and deadens the noise of the halyard beating against the flagpole. The price includes: flagpole, decorative finial/top, rotary head, halyard, swivel, lock, flag weight, ..
852.00лв. Ex Tax:710.00лв.
In this model, the halyard/rope runs inside the flagpole. In addition, the flagpole is equipped with a horizontal rotary arm. It prevents the flag from being wrapped around the flagpole and provides an optimal way to highlight the flag slogan. The flag is raised and lowered using an inside rope inco..
948.00лв. Ex Tax:790.00лв.
In this model, the flagpole comes with no halyard. The banner flagpole is provided with a fixed horizontal rotary arm, which keeps the flag always legible. The flagpole needs to be laid on the ground before the flag can be fitted or removed. The price includes: flagpole, decorative finial/top, rotar..
852.00лв. Ex Tax:710.00лв.
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