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Hot dip galvanized stainless steel flagpoles

Manufactured from high grade hot dip galvanized stainless steel are available in sizes from 4 metres up to 30 metres. Our stainless steel flagpoles are designed to offer strength and rigidity in all climates. One of the greatest misconceptions with stainless steel is that it will never stain or discolour. All the stainless steel range comes complete with a mounting hinge and anchors, a stainless steel finial, rotating saddle and internal rope/halyard. This offers easy of operation and security.
Our stainless steel flagpoles meets international standards. Hot dip galvanized standard EN ISO 1461-TS914. Standard steel EN 10025. Bolts standard ISO 898.1/5.8
In this model, the halyard runs inside the flagpole. The cleat is protected with a lock, which prevents the flag from being stolen and deadens the noise of the halyard beating against the flagpole The price includes: flagpole, rotary head with swivel, halyard/rope, lock, flag weight, clamps, mo..
718.80лв. Ex Tax:599.00лв.
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