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Flagpole retaining rings

Your flag on a flag pole endures many stresses, including wind, weather and friction. A retainer is made to keep the flag closer to the flagpole and spread out the stresses along the hoist end of the flag. Use retainers on whole flag side attached to the flagpole.

Polyester rope with diameter: Ø 6mm, basic color: white, breaking load: 310 daN (kg). 100% polyester (high strength), particularly light and weather resistant, resistant to climatic influences, little absorption of water, very abrasion-resistant and easy to care for. The polyester rope has..
1.80лв. Ex Tax:1.50лв.
Longlife flagpole ring/collar made from solid PVC material. Retainer flagpole rings/collars are a necessary component to every flagpole. They serve several purposes and often address multiple issues at once.Keeping the flag close to the pole. This is the chief reason people chose to purcha..
7.20лв. 6.90лв. Ex Tax:5.75лв.
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