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Longlife retaining flagpole ring

Longlife retaining flagpole ring

Longlife flagpole ring/collar made from solid PVC material. Retainer flagpole rings/collars are a necessary component to every flagpole. They serve several purposes and often address multiple issues at once.

  • Keeping the flag close to the pole. This is the chief reason people chose to purchase retainer rings, as it helps to create a cleaner look when the flag is flying.  It can be a huge advantage if you struggle with maintaining solid rope tension.  This makes a significant difference in how the flag looks, especially in high wind.
  • Reducing tension on the flag grommets. Your flag is an investment. You spent time figuring out what size you wanted, comparing them to get the best quality for your buck. A retainer ring, by reinforcing the flag’s position close to the pole, reduces strain on the flag grommets, which can help lengthen your flag's life. In windier areas, and on flags that fly day after day no matter the weather, the strain on your grommets can really add up. On larger commercial sized flags or flags that are in very windy areas, retainer rings are purchased for each of the grommets to provide extra individual support for the grommets, as the weight of the flag itself is also a strain.
  • Aiding in lowering and raising the flag. As a retainer ring keeps your flag at an even distance from your pole, you will have to less resistance lowering and raising your flag.

That type retainer flagpole ring are with 14 cm. or 20 cm. diameter when closed.

Why buy our flag weights and rings/collars?

  • Flag weights and flag rings/collars/ are necessary to ensure that your flag, and therefore your message, is displayed in the optimum position at all times.
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