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Water base 20 liters with a rotator

Water base 20 liters with a rotator

Plastic water base is a lightweight flag base for advertising feather flags (beach flags), which after filling with water or sand. The water base can be used with all model and height beach flags. Water tank is intended for use indoors and outdoors. The rotator allows the flag flies in the wind direction. The rotor allows the pole to rotate 360 degrees.

- Use only on a flat surfaces.

- Plastic material base with a steel rotator;

- Easy installation and refill;

- Suitable for all beach flag models.

That moulded plastic base is water or sand fillable to create a stable way for supporting any of our beach flags.

Dimensions: 45/45/11 cm. Height: 20 cm.

Weight: 1.5 kg. Made in Italy.

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  • Model: водна основа 20 литра с ротатор
  • Weight: 1.50kg.
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