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Glass fibre flagpole with lockable halyard

Glass fibre flagpole with lockable halyard
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In this model, the halyard runs inside the flagpole and the cleat is lockable with a key. This prevents the flag from being stolen and deadens the noise of the halyard beating against the flagpole. The price includes: flagpole, decorative finial/top, rotary head, halyard, swivel, lock, flag weight, retaining flag rings/clamps, mounting anchor. The glass fibre flagpoles are made from a single component (tube), which is tapered towards the top. The flagpoles are installed in a concrete base using a mounting hinge. The hinge makes the installation easier and enables to lay the flagpole on the ground, e.g. during maintenance. A system of screws makes it possible to adjust the vertical position of the flagpole.

Height (m) Number of sections (pcs) Section diameter at base(mm) Section diameter at top(mm)  Price without VAT
6 1 125 65 710
7 1 125 65 734
8 1 125 65 794
9 1 125 65 756
10 1 145 65 836
11 1 145 65 886
12 1 145 65 916
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  • Model: пилон от фибростъкло с вътрешно въже
  • Weight: 11.00kg.
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