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Facade sectional flagpole and flag holder

Facade sectional flagpole and flag holder

- This package contains 1 x flag pole with 2 x rotating flag pole rings made of plastic, 1 x flag pole holder and 1 set of screw set, which is easy to install on the wall;

- The flagpole kit consists of several components. The length of the flagpole can be adjusted between 40 cm. and 180 cm. to meet your different requirements for the length of the flagpole;

- The flagpole and holder are made of high quality stainless steel. The surface is coated with white powder to protect the flag pole from corrosion. It is waterproof, rust-proof and durable;

- The flagpole with the base flag holder can sit your flagpole at an angle of 45 degrees or 90 degrees, with grooves at the top and grooves at the bottom, which are suitable for displaying flags and banners, including adjusting the mounting screws to attach the flagpole location.

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