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Beach flag Surf type

Beach flag Surf type

The feather/surf flag, also known as wind flag, beach flag or advertising flag, is a large feather flag that can be seen from far away. The surf beach flags is the second most popular advertising flags on the market available in various sizes. As the name said, that is a beach flag shaped like a surf/feather. The material makes the flag both stable and durable. The beach flag’s message is printed, meaning that the colour shows through on both sides of the material. This makes the print equally visible in both directions, but note that the back of the design will be a mirror image. Double stitching prevents the flag from tearing through the edge.

- "Feather" is a feather or knife shaped outdoor event flag, which convinces with its exceptional design at outdoor events or advertisment in front of stores and companies;

- Thanks to the rotation at the base, the flag swings along the wind direction and does not threaten its destruction. 

- Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

- The innovative design of the surf-shaped flag ensures that the flag will rotate in the wind and will not even storm the rain while remaining tense and intact.

Download a template of the graphics from here.

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