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Aluminium flagpole Windtracker with winch

Aluminium flagpole Windtracker with winch
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In this model, the halyard runs inside the flagpole. In addition, the flagpole is equipped with a horizontal rotary arm. It prevents the flag from being wrapped around the flagpole and provides an optimal way to highlight the flag slogan. The price includes: flagpole, decorative rotary head finia/topl, rotating arm/jib(windtracker), winch mechanism with inside rope, swivel, lock, flag weight, flag retaining rings/clamps and mounting anchor. Depending on their height, the aluminium flagpoles are made up of two or three aluminium tubes that are pushed together using sleeves and aluminium rings. The flagpoles are installed in a concrete base using a mounting hinge. The hinge makes the installation easier and makes it possible to lay the flagpole on the ground, e.g. during maintenance. A system of screws makes it possible to adjust the vertical position of the flagpole.

Height (m) Number of sections (pcs) Section diameter (mm)  Price without VAT
5 2 65/50 760
6 2 65/50 782
7 3 80/65/50 881
8 3 80/65/50 914
9 3 82,5/65/50 947
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  • Model: алуминиев пилон с въртящо рамо Windtracker и лебедка
  • Weight: 11.00kg.
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